R is for Raygun (kleenexwoman) wrote in papercrafts,
R is for Raygun

I have an idea for a project involving printed-upon paper pasted onto Fimo clay. The problems are manifold:

I'm not sure if I should try to press pieces of paper into the clay and then bake it. I could try myself, but I'm leery of starting a small fire in my toaster oven if the paper bursts into flame. Has anyone else tried something like this? Will the paper adhere to the clay? Will it turn too brown?

The other issue: I want to have words on the paper. I'm not sure if I want to use computer-printed paper, partially for fear that it won't look good, partially because I don't have access to a computer printer and have to pay out the nose at the local library. I'm considering getting a typewriter, taking it apart, and using the imprints of the letters on the striking keys to dab ink directly onto the clay. Has anyone else tried something like this? Is there a good way to print small typewriter font letters directly onto clay besides that? (I'm not entirely sure that I can find stencils for this.)
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