Chérie (lutine) wrote in papercrafts,

Rice paper?

I'm working on a project that uses foam board as a base. (It's a "shrine" from this book if that helps give you an idea.) The instruction book I'm using tells me to wrap the foam board in rice paper before painting.

I can't find rice paper at either Joann's or Michael's. There's an art supply store about 30 minutes away, but I wouldn't be able to make it there until Wednesday at least. I'm trying to decide if the rice paper is crucial (worth the waiting and the long trip), or if I can skip it altogether. The book doesn't tell me why I need it or what the purpose is, except for the line "It takes paint beautifully." If the only reason for buying it is to make painting a bit easier, I'll skip it. The only other thing I can think of is to "finish" the edges so the foam doesn't show. Could I perhaps try to use tissue paper instead?

Obviously my project is sort of specific, but if anyone can give me some insight on the benefits of rice paper or help me decide if I should get it or move on without it, I would really appreciate it.
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What I know about rice paper isn't much but I do know it's edible! I don't think that's a quality you need for your shrine though. :-) I've seen asian sweets wrapped in it and you eat the paper along with the sweet. It's pretty tasteless and very soft.

I think you could easily use tissue paper as a substitute.
I'm not sure if rice paper means something different on different sides of the atlantic, but I can't imagine that what I think of as it would be suitable for anything involving gluing! Foam core is a sod to paint on, though, so you probably would want to cover it with tissue paper or similar.